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Top Companies for PHP Developers in 2021


What is PHP?

PHP refers to a commonly used, open-source, general-purpose language programing that is especially suited for developing webs, which can also be embedded into HTML. The technology, which can be referred to as a server-side scripting language, can also be used in combination with web templates and web content management systems. It is a standard programming language used on over 88.9% of global websites. PHP is rated as one of the most reliable programming languages used to create amazing website applications and solutions. While relying on this technology, it becomes easy to understand syntax along with workflow and make varied web development. It is open-source, self-sufficient, and complies with a pool of active developers ready to solve all personal questions at any time of day and night.

PHP has managed to hold a top position in the industry, remaining the most preferred language for developing websites irrespective of the massive pop up of new programming techniques and languages every year. It is the preferred choice being considered as a robust platform that helps in building feature-rich solutions. It is prevalent worldwide, thereby making it the ideal go-to programming language for many developers, all with vast PHP experiences. Due to its popularity, there has been an unprecedented growth in the number of PHP development companies in the world, including in countries like India. All this has given rise to fierce competition among the PHP developers, with each of the development companies claiming to offer a variety of equally great services and promising to deliver outstanding projects for clients.

Top PHP Development Companies in 2021

Hidden Brains

The company has worked vigorously over the past years, delivering over 5000 projects across 31 industries globally. Adhering to the brand quality and its strict timelines, the company has built a solid reputation in the web app development market. The company is well recognized for providing quality products and services to its clients through its feature-rich, custom websites. The developers comprise a group of certified PHP professionals along with other experts in other programming languages, with a devotion to designing something extraordinary yet simple-to-use. The hidden brains developers outperform themselves in mobile app development, web development, AR apps, CMS, and iBeacon app developments, along with gaming development.

Konstant Info Solutions

This one is a high-end software development brand that offers a broad range of web and mobile solutions across the world. The firm consists of over 170 highly competent and experienced IT experts capable of delivering the best technology solutions and consultancy services across different business areas. Konstant Info-solutions is a leading software development company that provides reliable web and mobile applications and solutions spanning Custom Web Development, Database Programming, Cross-platform web and mobile app development, and IT consultancy many others.

Open-Source Technologies

The company has provided web and mobile application development services globally for over eight years. The developers are headquartered in India, but sales and marketing offices in Georgia, USA, and development offices in New Delhi, India. The company is said to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to all of its clients. OST Company won New York Small Business Excellence in award 2017 and Manhattan placing it at the top amongst other mobile and web development companies. The company provides services such as website designing, digital marketing, and mobile app development.

Other top PHP companies in 2021 include Jordan Crown, Seattle Website designers focusing on building their client business platforms. Another one is Sparx IT Solutions, established in 2008 and specializes in tailor-made, professional, effective, and affordable web solutions. Last but not least is Follow bright Development Company, which has services such as online marketing, web designing, support, and maintenance.

Jeff Kang

Jeff Kang is web developer for about a decade. Started as a passion, he is now working as a freelance on certain websites and gaming companies.

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